The Importance of Storing Food & Water!

The Importance of storing Food and Water!


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I live in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, Friday, 9/6/13, the local TV stations had an article on their evening news broadcast that shocked the entire New Orleans metro area.

In St. Bernard Parish, another suburb of New Orleans, it was announced that a four (4) year old boy died in August from encephalitis caused by a brain-eating amoeba.

The authorities stated that they believe the four year old boy had been playing on a “Slip-N-Slide” and had caught the brain eating amoeba while doing so. If that was not shocking enough, the authorities stated that he died in August of 2013. They had waited a month to release the information. In a SHTF situation a water filter such as a Sawyer Mini Water Filter attached to a Sawyer Water Filter Bucket Kit would potentially save lives from pathogens and other contaminants. 

The authorities stated that the water was safe to drink, bathe in, wash dishes and clothes in. Then they say that the brain-eating amoeba was found in the toilet tank inside the house where the four year old boy had caught the brain-eating amoeba.

Now, I am not a rocket scientist, but if the brain-eating amoeba was found inside the houses water system, would you drink or use the water in the Saint Bernard Parish area for anything. Not me!

Why the public officials didn’t announce the boy’s death when it occurred?

Could someone else have caught this horrible brain-eating amoeba because the public officials had waited to announce the boy’s death in a timely manner?

Would you have liked it if you had been using this possibly contaminated water for a month without knowing the possibility that it had the brain-eating amoeba in it?

Bottle water is getting very hard to find in the Saint Bernard Parish area!

This is yet another reason to store extra food and water. It is also important to have a good water filter. You never know when the public officials will tell you that there is a problem with the areas food or water supply.

If you would like to read more on this incident, below are two of the local TV stations that ran this story.–222753651.html


Quote of the day:  Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!


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