E-reader to Replace Survival Binder and How to Make it EMP Proof

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By Harold, Editor-At-Large


E-reader to Replace Survival Binder and How to Make it EMP Proof


slickI stopped using binders some time ago and have been using cheap ebook readers with the micro SDHC chips that can be replaced. The ones I use, I bought for around ten bucks each on eBay called a slick er 701. They will access pdf, txt, epub, html and several other formats along with most of the video formats, mp2, mp3, mp4 and can be charged with either solar or the little hand crank widgets available very reasonably through Amazon.


Nicest thing about them is their video capability since in today’s era, the kids who really need the information the most are more likely to understand a downloaded video from YouTube, than they are the printed or written material.


Nicest thing is you can have several preloaded cards with different information, entertainment preloaded and just swap out cards prior to booting up for whatever you want to use. So far, inside a doubled Mylar envelope, both the readers and the cards have passed the microwave test for EMP.

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