Starting Your Ark….Prepper List Part Three

Prepper List Part #3 (see Part #2  –

by MsKYprepper, Editor-at-Large

Starting Your Ark


If Noah had waited for the rain to start building the ark, the world would be very different today.

Don’t get caught in the rain; get moving with this short list of To-Do’s to quickly get your arc in shape.


  1. Earthquake proof your home and food storage shelving.  See this post at Prepared LDS Family for some great ideas and be sure to scroll down into the comment section as well.
  2. Get in your food storage room and do an inventory or some organizing
  3. Protect your electronics with your own homemade metal trash can faraday cage.
  4. In a multi-car family, one vehicle will probably sit during a crisis.  Consider long-term storage (longer than 6 months) and determine your auto’s needs:
    Committing to reading one homesteading or self-sufficiency type book each month for the next year.  Search for free books on for Kindle“Camp out” in your backyard with your family.  No matter what the weather, deal with it.  Pitch the tent, sleep in sleeping bags, eat from can foods.  Find out what you don’t know about living off the grid for 1 weekend.Harden the garage door with reinforced tracks.  Supplement glass with Lexan, Plexiglas or security film mounted inside.

    • Decide where is best to park the un-needed vehicle – in the garage?  Used as a barrier on the property?  Hidden and camouflaged?
    • Check oil and coolant. Drain or add anti freeze to windshield wash Remove anything that will mold, rot or mildew.  Anything that will attract rodents to nest.
    • Jack it up or sit it on concrete blocks to keep tires from developing flat spots.
    • Disconnect the fuel pump and run the car until it quits to drain fuels from the engine lines. Insert steel wool in the tailpipe to prevent rodents from nesting in the exhaust system. Place several rodent traps in the engine compartment.
    • Do not engage parking brake as the pads may become fused. Remove battery and cover
  5. Plant prickly bushes under windows to deter vandalism.  Consider other ways to use landscaping to your security advantage.
  6. Power tools don’t operate without electricity, pre-cut ¾” plywood to cover all first floor windows.  Especially in hurricane/tornado areas.  Pre-drill holes so that you can install plywood easily.  I was more worried about looters so I chose to make chain-link panels for my windows.  They store flat, and can be handled/installed by one person.  I can see out the window and it protects my window from a Molotov cocktail.  Sure, there are better options, but this is cheap and you can accomplish it immediately while you research other options
  7. Find 10 recipes that your family likes – 10 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Ingredients must be all shelf-stable foods.  Stockpile enough ingredients to make each recipe 3 times and you have 30 days of food storage.

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