SCP Preparedness Challenge – Winter Blizzard Power Outage


The weather is not always predictable, as we know. When temperatures hover around freezing, rain can turn to sleet and sleet to snow. One inch of rain equals approximately ten inches of snow.

In October of this year, the Black Hills of South Dakota had a storm system come in that was just supposed to produce rain. Torrential rains turned to sleet and then to snow. The weight of the freezing rain and sleet snapped power lines. Two days later with four feet of snow on the ground, and much of the area without power, the storm passed. Entire herds of cattle, horses and sheep on open range, soaked by rain, could not withstand the freezing temperatures and died. Many people were without power for a week.

The longest known power outage that I know of in North America, 3 weeks, due to sleet was in Canada about 25 years ago. It can happen…


A winter storm is predicted for your area, you have 3 hours notice. What do you do?



The winter storm has knocked power out for 24 hours…

The winter storm has knocked power out for 3 days…

The winter storm has knocked power out for a week…

The winter storm has knocked power out for 2 weeks…

The winter storm has knocked power out for 3 weeks…


Everyone is in different situations, but you are at home without power in cold temperatures for your area. If you are reading this, you are into preparedness and should have no problem with 1 -3 days without power. But what about a week? Two weeks? Three weeks?

If you can only keep one room in your home warm, when do you decide to turn off the water and drain the pipes? Do you unplug your appliances or turn off the electrical panel switch to prevent power surges? What about 3 weeks with no bathroom facilities? Do you cooperate with your neighbors (And how for how long?) or hoard and go into self defense mode?





Food/Food Preparation?

Critical Medications?





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