Prepper List Part Two

Prepper List Part #2 by MsKYprepper, Editor-at-Large


See Part One ….

How does your gut feel?  Sometimes “Gut Feelings” are God’s way to get us moving. That asaper security system might have you feeling good for the time being, but if you are feeling unsettled, like you should be doing something – but don’t know where to start, here is a short list to get you moving.  Most are low cost, some only require that you spend time. 

Most can be done in a few hours.


  1. Prepare a “Car” 72-hour emergency bag.  Think Shelter, Water, Fire, & Food.  Pack into a backpack.  Store it in your car.  Revise it with the change in seasons.
  2. Look at this recipe for homemade survival bars.  Read through the comments to find alternatives.  Store in your emergency bags.
  3. Catch up on immunizations, dental and medical procedures.  Invest in your family’s health.
  4. Learn to shut off your home’s electric, natural gas and water.  Teach your spouse and children.
  5. Replace those exterior door hinge screws with 3” screws, reinforce the door jamb and add deadbolts with at least a 1” throw.  Add pins to casement windows.
  6. Update exterior lighting around your home, garage and out buildings.  These should be solar, motion-detected security lights.  Mount high up so that vandals can’t reach.  Stock extra light bulbs.
  7. Check the status of your fire extinguisher, fire alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered) with each spring time change.  Stockpile 1 extra battery for each alarm
  8. Buy and mount an axe in your attic.  In the flood plains, if you retreat to your attic, you need a way to cut through your roof as a means to escape.
  9. Get on the other side of the law by joining your local Sherriff’s auxiliary, search and rescue, joining your local CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team), or getting licensed for Armed Private Security in your state. None of these are guaranteed to give you a pass when you’re dealing with an Orwellian law enforcement official, but they will improve your odds considerably
  10. Make some dryer lint fire starters.
  11. Build a heater out of a candle and some terra cotta pots.
  12. Make a candle from a tub of Crisco.



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