Local observations………..

Walking around my local Wally-World I came across a pallet of Augason Farms food. I was kinda shocked to see Wal-Mart carrying what is so obviously a preparedness product. I shouldn’t have been as a couple of local WM’s have started carrying a lot more ammunition and a large variety of firearms including AR-15’s. I think WM realized that preparedness is growing and they are trying to make some change in the process. Fine by me. I plan to pick up a couple of the Augason Farm pails.

Wal-Mart can be a good source for many preparedness supplies. Maybe I will write another post and do a “”virtual tour” of Wal-Mart and the offerings available. Great for someone on a budget – which is most of us nowadays.

Another store I visted was a new Academy Sports sporting goods store. Came across a flashlight (see picture below) that is waterproof, floats, come with a battery, and shines a pretty respectable 75 lumens. The light is not LED but for $3.99 I can deal with that. Great inexpensive alternative lighting.

 Keep your eyes open and not only can you find preparedness supplies in unusual places – but you can find some good deals to stretch the dollar.

Take care all –


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