What to do with $1000 right now…..

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  1. [...] If you’re new to prepping and have nothing at all put aside and want to know where to spend your first $1000, this may be a start for you. Take $50 and spend it on gallon jugs of drinking water, most can be bought for .99 cents each. Next sit down and make list of what you would eat in 2 weeks, 3 x’s day. But and a big but, buy food stuff that sits in the pantry not the fridge. Also use foods that do not need to be cooked but just heated if at all. Canned foods that can be heated over a sterno can,are best, think like chili, the two weeks of food would cost about $350. If you’re interested in where to spend the other $600, go to “What to do with $1000 right now…..” [...]