Zero Dark Thirty, a review


Zero Dark Thirty, a review

By Bev Sandlin—Executive Editor

Bob, a United States Army veteran, said flatly, “This is a movie that did not need to be made.” And he elaborated with, “The Navy Seals overstepped their authority by providing the film makers with too many details of this operation.”

This was not a “feel good” movie about getting the mass murderer, Bin Laden. In fact, at points I felt uneasy being an American in how we were portrayed in the film—which is touted as being very factual. Be aware of graphic scenes of torture and humiliation of prisoners, very foul language, bureaucratic breakdowns, and the deliberate murder of women when it can be avoided.

Perhaps, as a patriot, I hold in my heart a fantasy of America the Good; A righteous country of efficiency, tolerance and empathy. Perhaps the best I can say for this movie is that it is realistic.

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