Why You Should Have A Junk Pile

By Bev,

There has been a lot of talk on prepper sites about having caches of supplies on your property and other places, just in case. And most of the time the thought is to bury these caches. I’m sorry, but in Minnesota that means buried until spring and the frost goes out of the ground. But what about an old freezer above ground?

I know that junk piles, brush piles and junk vehicles are unsightly, BUT why should a prepper have one of these on their property? Your basic farm junk pile is, as Wyzyrd would say an “obtainium” pile. All that stuff that doesn’t need shelter, but could be useful “someday”. An old freezer would look right at home in that junk pile, wouldn’t it? Keeps the weather and critters out (I have one for my grain in the barn) and be accessible during the winter. You can even put an old latch and lock on it that wouldn’t look too out of place.

Paint that old freezer in camo colors and put it in a brush pile and you have habitat for the birds and woodland critters and a safe place to cache…????

That old vehicle that has obviously been sitting there in a weed patch for years could be a wonderful greenhouse in a pinch and a cache for all kinds of stores in the meantime and also accessable in the winter.

Like all preparedness plans, caches are something you should think about ahead of time. That old freezer or car may just be sitting out there, but if something happened… The first 3 days to a week will be chaos and no one will be looking or caring that you are carrying a five gallon bucket or a box out of the house.

I, personally, want my long term storage food and guns in a climate controlled area – the house. But I also have several plans if things get dicey how to split my cache up, so that I don’t lose it all if something happens to the house or we can’t defend it.

Do YOU have a plan?

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