Why NOT to Attempt to Disarm a Person with a Knife – GRAPHIC!



“The Coach”

This is a true short story of a police officer. While on duty, the officer answered a call of a man with a knife creating a disturbance. When the officer arrived on the scene, he observed a much smaller man with a knife. The officer told the subject to drop the knife that he had in his hand. The subject refused to do so.

The officer had received training in hand to hand combat, which including disarming subjects with knives, did not want to use deadly force. The officer, thinking he could disarm the subject without the use of deadly force, attempted to do so.

Below are the VERY GRAPHIC crime scene photos taken of the police officer in the Emergency Room of the local hospital.

NEVER underestimate someone with a knife. A knife is a dangerous weapon, which the officer found out the hard way.

Do NOT make the same mistake!!!

The below photos may be disturbing to some readers.

They are VERY graphic.

knife wounds 1

knife wounds 2

knife wounds 3


I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy.

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