Why I Home Can…Part 1 (of 2)

canningWhy I Home Can…Part 1

By Servantheart, Editor-At-Large

I just opened a jar of home-canned roasted chicken; threw in a jar of home-canned chicken broth, and a jar of home-canned, locally-grown tomatoes; added my own veggies, of course, and cooked up a small batch of my wild rice blend (2 parts brown rice to 1 part white rice to 1/2 part wild rice); cooked the rice first, then added to “soup”. Added onions, celery, herbs, and spices. Now simmering on top of stove.  Can’t wait!

When we finish “pigging out”, I’ll can a few pints of our fresh batch of chicken veggie rice soup. Always at the ready!

And this is reason # 1 why I home can my own foods. “Fast food” – and you know what’s in there! And, man! Is it tasty! Oink!


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