What Would Be The Hardest Thing To Give Up?

John R

This is from a recent comment… “When you speak of electricity being hard to do without, I read just this week, a survivor of the Sarajevo war, said that electricity was the easiest thing to give up. That made me ponder. I think the electricity and the refrigeration would be hard to be without. As I thought of this all this week, every time I turn on the water, I am so thankful to see that water come out the faucet. I have many ways to make water drinkable, but I know it would be a pain to carry, purify, store all the water that comes through my faucet everyday. There are so many ways to heat your house in the winter, and you can live through the heat in the summer. I am starting to believe that making water drinkable would be the hardest thing to do in hard times.
I would really like to hear your opinions on what would be the hardest to give up.”

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