What If – Poetry by Gary Bernick

     WHAT  IF

By Gary Bertnick
What if the new morning sees you first
As a simple human wrapped in a thin blanket
Standing and staring
Bewildered at the circumstances,
A cold night huddling in the wild with many others
Little food, little water, little warmth
As sweet to sour
Light to dark
Truth to falsehood,
Normal life in America shattered.
Yet, to stand quietly and embrace another startling beautiful sunrise
Is a satisfying miracle in itself,
Fulfillment of an inner promise.
Worldly possessions gobbled as if by a voracious beast,
Nothing left but to flee
A scramble for survival
New enemies of a State imploded,
Little children
Pregnant mothers and men with ashen faces
So many, so much suddenly swallowed whole.
But still the sun rises once more
Majestic purples and reds, yellows and blues
The welcome presence of new warmth, as a reminder,
Greater power is clearly shown
Far above the base ugliness exposed in mankind.
A night of sadness
Followed by a day of wonderful light
Colors and shadows play on trees and distant hills,
Strong messages without words spoken
So refreshing, clear and vivid to the eyes,
The One who creates each new day
Also creates renewed hearts encouraged as vessels for His new life.
The Lord of Creation is present and watching,
Even in such temporary earthly misery
The sun rises once more to warm and lift His little children.

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