What Did I Do To Prepare this week?

Snow Emergency in May?!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin


red truck in ditch emergency vehicles

What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

Shall we start out positive this week? Because I think you know where I am going by the pictures! LOL You all know that Countryside and Small Stock Journal is my all time FAVORITE magazine! It is a reader written magazine which means it is just like a blog, but in print! Being a confirmed homesteader, I have been reading Countryside since the ’70s (Yes I know I’m ancient—I don’t think Rourke was even born yet!) and told Annemarie (JD’s daughter and the editor) that if she wanted to use articles from SCP that she was welcome to. Drum roll please… Pam, Editor-At-Large for SCP, has her article “Food Storage for Beginners with Little Money” on page 65 & Bev (Yes, me!) has her article “Inside Loading Hay Bunk” on page 78! I only subscribe to one magazine and Countryside is it! Now back to reality…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! This Thursday and Friday, MAY 2nd and 3rd, we were blessed with 15 INCHES of SNOW! Here is a picture of my garden after only a couple of inches on Thursday morning.

 Garden 5.2.13

The weatherman had predicted an inch or two of snow… NOT! Well, it was that wet, heavy snow that takes down trees, power lines and puts cars and trucks in the ditch. I don’t live in the mountains of British Columbia anymore; I live in southern Minnesota, USDA zones 4-5. I have no memory of this kind of snowfall in May! And it did break the records!

Was I prepared for this? Well, I had put away the snow shovels. But I had not changed out my Vehicle Bags for summer, so if I hit the ditch, yes I was prepared. Power went out all over the region. I have backup heat, food, water, light, and sanitation. Yes, I was prepared. And you know what, it felt GOOD to be prepared!

Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…

front door snow

 Do I REALLY want to go in that door? Yes, you can guess what happened!

Your not so intelligent Executive Editor!

Please pray for me on Monday–decision delayed because of snow.

In God We Trust

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