What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure!



By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

What did I do to prepare this week? I made it back home from vacationing with my sister on the North Shore of Lake Superior with a contemplative attitude adjustment. It was a very relaxed too few days of mostly driving, with stops to hike into the woods and see the many cascading waterfalls, walks on various beaches on the shore of Lake Superior and taking in some breathtaking overlooks of Lake Superior and the expansive forests of the Boundary Waters.

As sisters, we have that ease of silence in company. It gives a person time to just experience things. And in the evening at the motel, listening to the steady crash of the waves onto the shoreline, to contemplate how insignificant we really are – and how our troubles are best laid before the Maker of All.


Morning over Lake Superior

Morning over Lake Superior


The mornings were so stunning watching the sun rise over the deep blue of the lake. It reminded me of the promise that each new day, each new life, brings with it.


Forest Trail

Forest Trail


We often separated on our hikes, each taking different trails and bringing back stories and pictures of what we had seen. In coming back to SCP and seeing all the comments of family and shared experiences, it reminded me that we ARE all Family. We all walk different paths, but are willing to share and grow from each other’s experiences.


greenwood lake


We stopped at this beautiful lake in the Boundary Waters. All I could hear was birdsong and gentle lapping of the waves against the boat dock, and then there was the oh so clean smell of pine.

We both threw in a line to see what we could catch. No luck fishing, but it did remind me of all the times we reach out in our lives, professionally, personally, as learners and as teachers; casting for knowledge and friendship, learning from others.

And how SCP is like this deep lake of combined knowledge and wisdom, with so many willing to share and freely give of their experiences, strengths, hopes for a bright future, yet preparing for whatever God has in store for us…


rest area


And then I was thinking about the table we all share before Our Lord. We are all invited to come and sit down with Him. Do I? Do I truly appreciate His Glory and the life and talents He has given me?




And at this age, how can I not think about the sunset of my life?


moon rise cropped


And as the sun passes, how the moon rises and it is a different world only in perception.

J-100, Harriet, servantheart, Suni, and I have been discussing Spiritual Preparedness off and on over this last year, not that topic specifically, but it always keeps coming around to it, reflecting on His Glory. We are all Christians, but of varying denominations. J-100 has shared that his reflections are often over a cup of coffee in the morning as he begins his day, and so in the upcoming weeks he will be sharing some of his thoughts. Harriet just shared an insightful email that I have asked her to expand upon.

And, perhaps with servantheart’s help, we can create a topic on the Forum for spiritual preparedness especially for those of us who do not have a physical church home to contemplate His presence in our lives.

No, we are not going into a religious spiral!

Rather, growing beyond physical preparedness, and even mental preparedness, to their complement, spiritual preparedness as well. The family here nurturing the whole person: Mind – Body – Spirit. And as with anything, take what you want and leave the rest… :-D

Coming up this week, we have an article on How to Obtain Gasoline Post Disaster, Paying Off Debt as a Survival Strategy, another episode of Harold’s Chronicles, Shaping Up for Preparedness, and The Wonder Of It All!

Have you thought of sharing your preparedness strategies, life experiences, budget stretching techniques, or even frugal recipes with the SCP family? Perhaps considered becoming an Editor At Large and sharing at least monthly your preparedness/homesteading adventures? Please email us at:


Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


A smile for you…

 For me, this video brought to mind how we all touch one another in ways we have no idea of. And how things happen for a purpose in our lives. SCP is supposed to be here, touching lives whether for one day or for years.

In God We Trust

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