What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure!



By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

What did I do to prepare this week? Well, I spent the week working on this SCP Anniversary Celebration that kicks off TODAY! Especially since my youngest sister offered me a free vacation “Up North” – Minnesota speak for nothern Minnesota –  and I will be leaving today! So, over the next week I may or may not have internet access.

A little over a year ago I won a writing contest on MSO with a Hog Butchering article– Yes, I can raise the bacon, butcher it, and cook it! LOL  That led to Rourke to asking me if I would help out on SCP as it had languished over the months to just a few posts a week or just occasional posts. Rourke needed help and I said yes. My first post on SCP was September 18th of 2012, and my how we have grown!

SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com now has posts daily! AND we have 11 Editors At Large – one international from Australia – who have stepped up and contribute their wisdom so graciously. There is so much accumulated knowledge on this site that it is almost mind boggling! Ask anything and you will likely get an answer! Suni uplifts us and broadens our horizons with her weekly Around the Web News. MsKYprepper has been an inspiration for us all! Wyzyrd is always there with recipes, gardening knowledge and great advice. John from Iowa has shared an incredible amount of downloads and knowledge and continues to do so. Pam is always at the ready with homesteading wisdom. Greg from Southwest Tactical continues to share his gun savvy. J100 is sharing from his spiritual preparedness viewpoint. Harriet keeps our attention international with health insights and more. Harold has been regaling us with his Chronicles of wisdom and experiences shared. And The Coach has stepped in with his personal experiences living through a disaster.

And then there is servantheart who requested, and is moderator of, the SCP Forum (Sorry, our chat room when down because of computer conflicts) and who has contributed SO MUCH! Yeah, servantheart!

A recent survey of SCP readers indicates that most of us have over 50 years of life experience to share, are of median income, most consider themselves urban or rural homesteaders, and almost 10% live in places other than the United States. That last part was interesting to note. And that you appreciate having a Christian site where rudeness, vulgar language, and being attacked for your Faith in God is not tolerated. And over this last year, we’ve become a family supporting one another through good times and bad. Preparing for the worst and praying for the best. A family of choice…

Other neat things that have happened. Three articles from SCP have been republished in the print magazine “Countryside and Small Stock Journal” – so over 150,000 people saw them! We’ve had numerous links to our articles from the site “Before It is News”, other prepping and homesteading sites, and even, the “Big Dawg”, Rawles’ survivalblog.com! On a number of occasions we have had as many as 6,000 blog readers show up to read an article on SCP! Which is often due to the comments that are left which can be as informative as the article!

We ARE seasoned folks and have knowledge to share and that is being recognized!

And how has it affected me this last year helping with SCP? I was honored when Rourke asked me to help, but also a bit scared as I didn’t know if I could do it. Hey, after 2 strokes and a car accident that banged me up pretty good, I was feeling pretty useless and slewing around in my own pity pot. But writing for SCP turned into therapy (I know you can tell! LOL) and I no longer have that feeling of uselessness; self-pity has washed away into an “I can do it” attitude and that has affected my life beyond the computer keyboard. With the wonderful articles on alternative medicines, herbs, fitness, and reading the challenges that others are going through, I have taken charge of my own body, doing volunteer work in the community, and doing lots of writing which is brain exercise!

And every week I hold myself accountable for prepping in one way or another. And even though another round of personal hard times has struck and I’m using my preparedness pantry, thank the Lord I did prepare! This site is all about practical preparedness and self-reliance, and for me it has really, really been a BLESSING!



This is an almost nine minute video from Rourke, posted on March 29, 2012.

I believe we have lived up to his vision for SCP, what do you think?

Have you thought of writing an article, submitting a recipe, download, or just sharing, for SCP? Perhaps considered becoming an Editor At Large and sharing at least monthly your preparedness/homesteading adventures? Please email us at: scprepper(at)outlook.com .

 Coming up this week, all of our EALs will be sharing a bit on what contributing to SCP has meant to them, a “Best of SCP” by Rourke, Suni’s news with a twist, Rourke’s reflections on SCP, and more!

Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week & what does SCP mean to you?


A smile for you…




Four minutes of a rockin’ Granny! Reminds me so much of my now passed grandmother. What a work out! You try it!

In God We Trust

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