What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?


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By Bev,

What did I do to prepare this week? I am so incredibly pleased with the 2 mil, white one side, total blackout Mylar from High Tech Garden Supply that I bought another 4’x50′ roll for <$30 off of eBay – And no, I nor this site gets any kind of compensation for buying this Mylar. This stuff is a prepper’s dream for versatility and yes, I will have an article coming up on it. It works beautifully with duck tape, I can sew it, and I absolutely don’t want to be caught like I was this winter in a cold, or hot, spell attempting to create stuff I should have had done already! And I bought more baking soda and sealed the boxes with my Foodsaver. I am totally sold on baking soda as being the least expensive way to prep for shampoos, washing, etc. and I have to say that since I have been washing my face twice a week with baking soda and just rubbing it in with my fingers that the enlarged pores I have fought all of my life are disappearing and even several of those embedded blackheads that I squeeze and they just come back have disappeared – now that would make any woman happy! Need to get back to the natural remedies and I will now that this show is over and I take a week to recover from it.

This week is inspired by conversations I have had with Wyzyrd. It is all about intentional communities, options for bugging out, and how a group of preppers pulling together and creating a survival community is an intentional community. Tomorrow I have a series of videos that focus more on communes, but there is much to be gleaned from these as food security is paramount and homestead based businesses are always important. What I am hoping to kindle is thoughts on what a likeminded group of individuals could do if they pooled their resources and bought some retreat property. And/or if someone has some property and is concerned about a potential economic collapse what could be the advantage of building a community of other preppers “just in case”.

On Tuesday, the WE2’s have a very comprehensive article on “Campers as a Bug Out Vehicle” that I know I learned a lot from! I know a number of people who live in their campers/RVs year around often moving with the seasons. Several are even campground hosts at state parks and get their sites for free. I even know one couple who have a camper in Arizona and one in northern Minnesota and just drive back and forth inbetween with the seasons. And yes, you can live in them year around even in the north country – not comfortably, but you can survive.

I have also put together a couple of days on Cob building – inexpensive, owner-built, and pretty much earthquake and bullet proof. This could well be the perfect way to build a home for your dream homestead or survival retreat. Along with that I have a video on a Ridge Home built by Mike Oehlers of “The $50 and up Underground House Book” and “The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book” fame – and a review of those books.

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Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


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 dear god thanks
Last week we had a post on how America is vulnerable to an electrical blackout that could last months…
Harriet sent this NatGeo video to me which we had linked to several months back, but it is a good one if you haven’t seen it – about 90 minutes…

Proverbs 27:12

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust


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