What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

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By Bev,cooker in snow bank

Have I been on a roll this week! It all started on Super Bowl Sunday, I don’t know if all the game talk motivated me or bored me so much that I decided to create a solar cooker. Got it up to 150 degrees IN a snow bank! More on that coming up next week.

Then with the thermostat turned down (my heat bill was double my budge this last month) I decided to experiment with my Deadwood Rocket Stove as an interior cooking and heating unit. I needed a clean fuel so I was using rubbing alcohol and cotton balls in a tin can. I am thoroughly impressed with the versatility of my Deadwood Stoves! And I plan on stocking up on rubbing alcohol as a cheap emergency fuel. Read all about my experiments this week.

pantryThen I made some more can rotators, painted them, and was so pleased that I rearranged the whole downstairs pantry! Figured out where I wanted them and how I could solve the spalding problem on the basement walls (causes the cans to corrode if the rock hits them) – plastic sheeting behind the shelves. And what prepper doesn’t have plastic! Very cool doing that because even though I’ve been into my food storage for almost 8 months now with very little replacement, I figure I probably have 6 months of everyday food and haven’t touched the long term storage which should yield at least a year.

And then I have been experimenting with various heat sources and got so excited about the potential for passive solar that I ordered a 50′ roll of 2 mil Mylar, one side black, to experiment with. I have been so impressed with the versatility of the 2 mil Mylar I bought last year, (Or was it the year before?) that buying more is a no brainer. I can use it to cover doorways and reflect back heat, cover the walls and make a “hot” room, black out windows, create an inside greenhouse, and build anything solar with it – good deal!

And the house doesn’t seem so cool anymore, maybe I’m adapting to the lower temperature. Heck, as motivated as I have been this week maybe it is good for me!

I am curious if any of you bother to mine this site? For example, before we had a category on natural remedies I was doing articles on them. Here is a link to one on high blood pressure and how to control it naturally:  


Do you ever go to the category menu and check out “Heat” for example, lots of cool stuff there! Got the bug for gardening? Check it out with a search or just click on “Gardening” in the category menu.

And talk about gardening, we have a bit on Winter Sowing in milk jugs, Disaster Ammo Acquisition, and another Cob Oven coming up this week! 

And did you notice that we now have a print/pdf function on every article? You can thank Wyzyrd and Rourke for that! So now any post you find interesting or informative enough to go into your Survival Binder you can easily print, punch and keep! And hey, share them on Facebook, Twitter, and via email links! There is lots of good information here that so many people could use.

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Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


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Proverbs 27:12

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust


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