What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin


What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

I want to THANK all of you for your prayers this week—I needed them! Well, God’s will is God’s will. I am in the midst of a SHTF event… I won’t bore you with the details; I may eventually write about it both as therapy and warning—given that it was about a house fire and restoration. But I can’t right now.

Preparedness: Who is prepared for the worst possible thing that can happen? And how do we deal with it on a personal level? When SHTF is personal—divorce, bankruptcy, stroke, etc.–there is a personal reaction. Harriet, EAL from Australia, has actually done research on this and is helping me through my SHFT. We will share…

After going through a 15 hour meltdown that ended in sleep, I woke with the realization that it can’t possibly be as bad as when my husband left me after 8 years of marriage (we waited 7 years to have children until the marriage was stable) with, “I don’t want the responsibility of a family”, laid $50 down on the table and left. The baby was a week old, the boy was still in arms, the house ready to be repossessed, the car and furniture were, and I didn’t have a job or family around… Can’t be near so bad this time! I’m sending Rourke a PDF of the story after that SHTF that was published in Countryside in 1995. I’m late with this, so if he gets time he may be able to post it for you, if interested. Basically, I bought land, built a house as I could afford to, and raised two great kids with practically no money, but a lot of hard work. The SHFT event is that I lost it all to a crooked contractor… And I no longer believe in our legal system.

PREPARE! Did you hear about the $45 MILLION that was cyber heisted this week? With all the protections that banks have? Imagine if someone wanted to shut down our grid system, which has very little cyber protection. It’s a scary world and that is WHY we prepare!

And what did I do to prepare this week? I had an Attitude Adjustment! After being hauled off in an ambulance to Mayo ER, with a long ten hours of testing, and no diagnosis (But they did a stress test and said my heart and lungs were good—so much for Spring Valley physician’s conjectures.). Mayo doesn’t guess. They know; or they don’t. Period. No, “I think…” AND…

Coming up this week! More of Harold’s Chronicles and I have a post to inspire you for Bug Out Locations!

Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…


In God We Trust

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