What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

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By Bev

What did I do to prepare this week? Not much given several painting projects I’m working on, putting up Christmas lights (started a week early because I’m getting old), getting ready for Thanksgiving, and waking up to a leaking very large aquarium…

Which brings me to making lemonade from lemons, I think I’m getting good at it. Waking up to a large aquarium leaking, with very large fish in it that need someplace very large to go, is a challenge to say the least. A 55 gallon garbage can was not going to do it. So, I dragged in an outside pond that I had gotten at a rummage sale and never used into the basement, blocked it up with 2x4s stacked 6 high on each end, filled it with a hose from the outside faucet (no chlorine) and transferred the fish one at a time hoping they could acclimate to the ice cold water – koi and goldfish are carp, after all.

.interior pond


As I was sitting in the basement waiting for each fish to “cool down”, I decided to create a “tropical beach” as an oasis for meditating on the presence of God in my life. I gathered some silk flowers I had laying around, a grandchild’s net bed dressing that had been returned to me to be recycled and started creating my serenity retreat. A work in progress, but maybe it will encourage me to do some more organizing of my preparedness supplies and pantry as the 100 year old basement is where I keep everything.

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Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


Proverbs 27:12

“A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust

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