What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

Survival Recipes, Poor Man’s Cappuccino, Aging and Acceptance.

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By Bev

What did I do to prepare this week?

I am now harvesting the $1 bills out of my purse when I go to the store and consistently adding them to my Bug Out Bag to build up a reserve of cash in small bills if needed.

The time change always reminds me to do my twice yearly deep cleaning of the house and I am on my six month rotation cycle of storage goods such as water, batteries, paper goods, seasonal items including clothing and of course reorganizing, inventorying, assessing further usefulness, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning as I go. And this includes oiling and cleaning the defense items kept in the locked storage cabinet. Plus I am now vacuum sealing stored ammunition in FoodSaver bags and putting them back into the ammo cans. And for some reason the older I get the longer this seems to take.

I did finally complete my Master Gardner course – yeah!!! And am officially volunteering for my county as a resource person. In fact I just got an email from the Extension office today asking what my gardening specialties are. Hmmm, perennial flowers, landscaping with a focus on cottage gardens and low maintenance, shade and stream side gardens, low cost water gardens with pond koi and goldfish, vegetable gardening using raised beds and the square foot method, children’s gardens for fun and taste, and fairy gardening (goes with the grandkids) creating flying fairies out of old Barbie dolls and other fantasy gardens from old toys retired at grandma’s.

And I am finally starting to come to terms with “the old grey mare isn’t what she used to be” – me. I have fought and fought to try to get back where I was before the strokes and have finally conceded it just isn’t going to happen. Yes, I do need 10 hours of sleep. No, I will never have the stamina and agility I once did. And yes, stress is a killer and makes me crazy. And no, I can’t substitute teach 30 kids for 6 hours and not end up essentially bedridden for the next 4 days – I just can’t do it.

Acceptance of getting old and being disabled is a hard pill to swallow. Asking for help to lift 50 lbs., admitting that I just can’t climb up 20′ on a ladder and clean the gutters anymore, or shovel the snow from the driveway in one fell swoop, are just facts of life. And learning to accept that with grace is a new lesson to learn. And no, it doesn’t have to be done just the way I would do it – be grateful it is getting done, smile and say, “Thank you,” which leads me to Thanksgiving.

The celebration of Thanksgiving Day began as an annual tradition in 1863, at the height of the Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that the fourth Thursday of every November be a national day of, “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens”. Our nation has been through many challenges and faces more, but be grateful that we are, “…one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” A day of Thanksgiving to the Lord for all that we have and hold dear.

Winter has come to Minnesota and last night it was -6 below zero, cold even for Minnesota this time of year. I thought I would share with you my version of “Poor Man’s Cappuccino” which wakes me up and warms me up on these oh so chilly mornings. Oh so simple too, a half a packet of hot coco mix in a cup of coffee – hot chocolate with a caffiene jolt for a cold morning. Why a half packet? Because I’m cheap (stretches twice as far with a half packet) and really don’t need the calories of a whole packet. 

At SCP “Our goal is to facilitate sharing of knowledge among our subscribers…” With that in mind, we are starting a Survival Recipes series that focusses on storage foods, garden bounty, wild edibles, and homestead excess. Do you have a recipe to share?

And here is a question for you, does anyone know how to butcher and cook a snake? And if there are any snakes that can’t be eaten? And are snake eggs edible? I would assume so because my grandparents used to collect and eat turtle eggs. Got the answer? Put it in the comments or submit it as an article!

Do you have questions that you can’t seem to find the answers for? There is a wealth of knowledge here on SCP, email me the question and we’ll see if someone has the answer! Found a great deal? Perhaps a free ebook, something on sale that other preppers may find valuable? Do you have thoughts on how to make “our” blog better, more informative, suited to you the older prepper? For that matter, have you thought of writing an article and sharing some of your knowledge?

Please email us at: scprepper at outlook dot com, checked a couple times a week.

Or email me at my personal box: bcfossillady at gmail dot com, checked a couple times a day.

Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


Proverbs 27:12

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust

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