What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

DIY Garage Door Insulation, vinyl chicken coop flooring, and carpeting the garden!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure!



By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

What did I do to prepare this week? I watched American Blackout on the National Geographic channel and that got me considering my third source of heat – go here and check out the comments for a link to it on YouTube. I have 3 potential sources of heat:

1. If natural gas goes, I have two electric fireplaces that will heat the house.

2. If electric goes, I have a natural gas garage heater in the basement that will heat the house.

3. I have a woodstove in the barn that could be setup in a hurry and seasoned wood stacked in the pasture. But my problem has been where to put the wood stove with the least amount of retrofitting and damage if needed?

The attached garage is the obvious answer here. It could be vented out either of the windows or the outside door by simply cutting a sheet of plywood to fit the opening and fit the pipe through. And because it is heavy, we could just dolly it into the garage.

Just the foam board.

Just the foam board.


Last year I insulated the garage door with leftover foam board and it has worked quite well. I just fitted it, didn’t even use silicone to attach it.

This week I caulked the foam board and gave it two coats of exterior latex satin finish paint, boy has that made a difference in sealing it and it looks great too! Even better, it was a labor only project as the foam board was leftover and pieced in, the caulk has been sitting around for two years, and so has the paint. It took about a quart of paint.

Caulked and one coat of paint on one panel.

Caulked and one coat of paint on one panel


So, the garage is now insulated about as tightly as I can get it and ready to be used as a place to put our third source of heat if necessary.


DIY Garage Door Insulation Completed.

DIY Garage Door Insulation Completed.

Vinyl flooring in the chicken house.

Vinyl flooring in the chicken house.

And remember that old outhouse I re-purposed into a chicken coop? Well, I had to clean it before winter and decided to make that job easier in the future! I had some old vinyl flooring laying around, so I cut pieces for the bottom and then along the wall I screwed some in to divert the manure onto the catch vinyl. All I should have to do now is pull the vinyl, dump in the compost pile and reinsert as opposed to the scraping and prying with a putty knife to get the caked on manure off. Again, no cost.

Carpeted garden ready for winter.

Carpeted garden ready for winter.

I had picked up quite a bit of this old indoor/outdoor astroturf type porch carpet a couple of years ago at a rummage sale for $10. I use it in the garden and other places where I want water to penetrate but don’t want weeds to come through. I have raised beds and use the square food gardening technique. I’ve cut a number of squares and rectangles from the carpet and use them on fallow spots to keep down any unwanted weeds and the squirrels from burying walnuts. It works and looks good too!


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Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


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In God We Trust

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