What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure!



Fresh Raspberries!

Fresh Raspberries!

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

What did I do to prepare this week? Well, I’m somewhat getting over my cold and the harvest needed to brought in, so I was gathering squash, digging potatoes, the last of the onions and still eating bowls of fresh raspberries! Yes, we still have raspberries!

Two year old vinyl boards on raised beds.

Two year old vinyl boards on raised beds.






And I have a side porch that was in terrible need of refurbishing. Bob does not build or paint. So I spent 3 days repainting the porch and several basement windows, caulking and puttying windows, and then another two days cutting and laying down the no-maintenance facia boards I had laying around and had built my raised beds out of two years ago.


Peeling paint.

Peeling paint.

For a young man, this probably would have been a one or day and a half job at the most. However, I’m an old woman and I’m still not done yet! I got the boards a couple of years ago for $1 per linear foot. Take everything or nothing. I have two porches done and all my raised beds and these pieces are left over. It has taken some sorting and piecing, but I have enough for all the decking, steps, and once they are cut down, I think just enough to reface the tops of the rails that take a beating from the weather.

I didn’t take pics to start – sorry. You can imagine the peeling paint and deck stain from the condition of the boards that I have yet to cover.

Gettin' there!

Gettin’ there!

But WOW! Another day and some caulking and it will be done! Better yet, it was a NO MONEY SPENT PROJECT! I had paint, primer, chip brushes and caulk that needed to be used. I had the boards. And after two hours of searching I found the screws. Actually, since the strokes, this is the biggest building project I have tackled. So I’m feeling rather sore, but good about myself. And, MsKYprepper, totally inspired me with her article on 5K races and I started walking a mile a day on my used treadmill. I may never be able to do a 5K as I need the handles on the treadmill to stay steady, but I feel stronger.

crown rs

And, I have to tell you, I have been on a natural high all week – I was crowned Member of the Month October 2013 on thefossilforum.com! It was unexpected; and an incredible honor! Go HERE if you would like to see it. :-D

And remember how I was telling you we are in a drought here? No more! We got almost six inches of rain overnight Friday! And 12 hours without electric. Mudslides all over and more road blockages. But hey, Lead, South Dakota got almost 50″s of SNOW with winds as high as 70 mph! And there were 9 tornadoes that touched down near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We’ll take the rain and be happy with it.

Prayer Alert! Harold is back in the hospital with a virulent infection. And his wife ended up in the same hospital six hours later with a heart condition. He emailed me yesterday, they are still there. Please pray for them.

Coming up this week, we are starting out with a book review on The Secret Garden of Survivial, Fitness and Survivial, All Around the Web News, Forgotten Knowledge on Canning by Harold, How to Post on the SCP Forum, and This is the Day…

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Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


A smile for you…


This was shared with me by Harriet, and it is GOOD!

In God We Trust

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