What did I do to prep this week?

by Bev Sandlin


Two weeks ago I took a Pistol Basic Training course, both classroom and in the field. It was a fairly intense 8 hr. course that required proficiency both in knowing the laws in Minnesota and being able to handle a pistol effectively at the range. Both Bob and I attended the training. 


A couple of weeks before, I had purchased a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun at a gun show.  I was anxious to try it out and this was the perfect opportunity. Bob used my .38 revolver—yes, I am the gun person in the family. It was a cold and windy fall day on the range. Our class was small, only about 12 people and I was the only woman.  The magazine was rather stiff to load and my fingers were cold, but I got the job done. We had to shoot in three different two-handed positions and one-handed also. I was pleased with the pattern on the target for all three of the two-handed positions. One-handed though and I was definitely out of the circle. But for a first time with a new handgun, I was pleased with both its performance and mine.


This week my prep included coming up with the $100 to apply for a concealed carry permit, going down to the sheriff’s office and filling out the paperwork. When I was done though, I felt good about it. If/when something happens, I could legally carry a handgun for self-defense purposes.


My preps have been oriented more toward food, heat, and medical. Actually, I have been loath to purchase more guns and more ammo. Just the thought of perhaps being forced to use them has been a deterent to acquiring them. But for me, prepping is a four legged chair: food (we have adequate preps for water), heat, medical and defense. I just haven’t wanted to face the defense part. But if any of the legs aren’t in place, the chair falls and it makes the other preps almost worthless. That is what I had to face, and this week I did.


What did you do this week to prep?

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