What did I do to prep this week?

Mayan Calendar Countdown Party and Off-Grid Series announced, and a whole lot more!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin




What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin

This was a very exciting week for SCP! Wow, the comments! Wyzyrd, John from Iowa, Suni, MsKYprepper, and a whole lot more, THANK YOU! What the comments have turned into are conversations! Almost like a virtual coffee shop! We’ve been discussing and sharing on so many fronts… Solar Energy, Canning, Predator Control and more! And Rourke and I have been trying to figure out a way to bring these conversations to the rest of you! But, if you look back at the weeks and see multiple comments on an article, you can guess that the conversation has gone way beyond the topic expressed! If you have some time, have some fun and take a look at the comments!

AND I would like you to all WELCOME John from Iowa as a new Editor-At-Large for SCP! John from Iowa has already sent some cool stuff to share with all of you! I know this is a tall order–but I can fanaticize—wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone from every state in the Union and every country in the world stepped up and said, “Yes, I will write one article a month for SCP and keep an eye out here for signs of the SHTF.” Wow, not just boring old Bev anymore! And any ideas you may have on how we can improve or what types of articles you would like, we would love to hear them! Just go to scprepper at outlook dot com, we try to check it at least 3 times a week.

Okay, what did I do to prep this week? Unfortunately, not much… And a whole lot at the same time! I bought another ammo box at Minnesota Joe’s because I have too much ammo to fit in the other two boxes. I bought a “new” door (A used storm door from the Winona Restore) for my very old outhouse—it’s been with me more than 27 years—as I am working on converting it to a very small chicken house. I have currently moved the chickens to a dog pen up by the house.

MyKYprepper has shared with me how to access and use YouTube—I’m a techno dummy. So I have been learning about YouTube and all it has to offer for preppers!

Suni has been sharing about canning and how to get the kids involved and we’ve had a great conversation on those fronts—and I learned a lot! I am compiling Suni’s comments and have a canning article coming soon!

I think my prepping has been in the learning category this week! And learning new information and skills IS prepping!

And I have been good to Bev and taken a couple of days to go fossil hunting—I fancy myself a very amateur paleontologist. And I found my very FIRST trilobite—anataphrus borraeus! I was beyond thrilled! And the guys and gals at thefossilforum.com were so very sweet and supportive in their congratulations! And Bob, well, he doesn’t mind because all it costs is gas and me dragging home more rocks. But being good to yourself is important too!

Oh and WOW, I almost forgot! Rourke has given me permission to have a PARTY on SCP! So (Hope you like it!) WE are going to have a Mayan Calendar Countdown 3 Day Party! I’m thinking that Dec. 19th we come up with all the crazy theories out there we can find on why the world is going to come to an end on Dec. 21st, 2012! On Dec. 20th we find all the Conspiracy Theories we can come up with for the Tin Foil Hatters! And on Dec. 21st we CELEBRATE being ALIVE with GRATITUDE for all we have in our lives! For the Bible says in Matthew 24, Verse 36: “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” As Christians, we have no fear of this date. So, I invite ALL of YOU to help me in preparing for this Party by sending me links to other sites that are having a Mayan Countdown, any crazy end of the world theories you can find or conspiracy theories and we can just have fun with these! And be thinking about your gratitude list for the 21st and, hopefully, you will be moved to share all you have to be grateful for!

AND I have another 6 day Off-Grid series planned for between Christmas and New Year’s! I’m hoping that you will like it as much as I do!

ROURKE’s Preview of the week to come…

  • YouTube Video: Harbor Freight Solar Project
  • Car Alarms as a Defensive Tool
  • Free Download: Canning
  • Everyday Preparedness…….grocery stores
and more!!!

Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…

Feeling Good 

If you want a good belly laugh and to all around brighten your day, go here:


This is actually a church’s preparedness site:

Emergency Prep Training & Expo

Shady Grove Church in Grand Prairie, TX

Just, whatever you do, watch the video at the bottom!

I am part of the FEMA.gov Communities National Preparedness Coalition and found it under a discussion of zombies of all things! I HATE zombie talk, but this made sense to reach the under 30 crowd. Love the Bible verse quoted in this video; put a whole new slant on zombies for me!

And please, feel free to email this site to your pastor, friends, etc. Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if every church took up the preparedness banner to help Christians everywhere?!



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