What did I do to prep this week?

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By Bev,

What did I do to prepare this week? While at the dollar store I spotted canned fuel, 2 hour burn, called Fancy Heat for $1 a can, so I bought 5. I tried it when I got home and it seems to work just fine. I’m storing the canned fuel because if something happens in the winter (9 months out of the year it seems in Minnesota) I can cook on it with my
Deadwood Rocket stoves indoors.

The two cob building books I ordered came in this week too. Reviews coming up.

I mucked out a winter’s worth of manure from the barn, put it on the compost heaps. and spent a couple of days cleaning and reorganizing the garage which doubles as my shop. It snowed a bit this week but I was able to get into my flower gardens and do some spring cleaning there. Most of the snowbank on the north side of the house has melted away and we had one oh so warm 50 degree day and I shop vacced the koi pond and refilled it. We are supposed to be getting 60 degree weather this week, so I’m hoping to get at least some of the fish moved out of the basement.

I’m spending Easter with my Mom, kids, and brothers and sisters. I have found myself feeling so grateful that the economy seems to be slugging along, and the world just seems to be going along as usual. I believe that preparedness is important and I have a degree of peace of mind knowing that I am somewhat prepared, but I pray that nothing horrible happens.

And I’m feeling so grateful that my own children have never gotten into drugs. Bob has a daughter in her 30s that just this last year got hooked on meth after an operation that addicted her to prescription pain killers. She has been through treatment once and that seemed to make the addiction even worse. A six year old daughter that she has virtually abandoned (after being a totally devoted mother for five years) to her mother. Grandma is 66 and just went through a breast cancer operation and is coming out of chemo – no husband – and now is raising the 6 year old. She is one of almost a million grandparents in Minnesota who are raising their grandchildren. Drug use seems to be the pandemic in our society – meth, heroin, crack cocaine, etc. – tearing families apart, bloating our prison system, and causing untold billions in economic loss. Unfortunately it seems like everyone I know has been touched in some way by drug abuse – family, friends, theft…

 Gardening is an expression of hope for a new season and a fresh harvest. This week on SCP we have more on gardening, a bit on what the state of Missouri is doing to quell the illegal immigrants, and more!

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Okay Patriots, how did you prepare this week?


kids easter

Proverbs 27:12

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust

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