What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure! unknown


By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

Wow, last week’s prep with the Mylar on the southfacing windows is paying off! The heat index here was over 100 for several days and that Mylar blocked a lot of the intake of heat into the house. I had orginally bought it for helping to reflect back the heat to the inside — it is Minnesota and heat is primary. And I had bought it to block any light from getting out if we went into a WROL situation. But hey, this is a win-win — saves me money now and there if we do need it!laminator

My prep this week, besides picking and freezing raspberries (Ymmm!), tending the garden and more WEEDING, was to purchase a 9 inch Hot Laminator for $25, and a pouch of 25 – 9″x11.5″ pouch laminate sheets for $7.49 at Harbor Freight. I haven’t used it yet, but will report when I get to it.

Why would I consider a laminator a prep? Because I do understand that without a readable social security card, ID, birth certificate, driver’s license, bank statements, wills, and other important papers, a person is basically a non-person! Having been through a major flood in 2007 and lost nearly everything and then a fire in 2010, and did lose everything… Well, let’s just say, “IT CAN HAPPEN”.

Yes, I have copies of all of this stuff in my BOB already. I used inexpensive slip-in sheet protectors with Scotch tape on the top to seal them. And now, after a couple of years, when I was checking my BOB, the tape has cracked and will let in moisture. The years seem to be going so fast now, that I want things to last longer.


The chickens love the grass!

The chickens love the grass!

And hey, the grass grew in the chicken pen and the chickens love it!








Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prepare?


A smile for you, if you like container gardening… Informative rather than funny. :-D

In God We Trust



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