What did I do to prep this week?

Bugging Out and Sheltering: Are YOU Prepared?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin


What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

Between the West, TX explosion at a fertilizer plant that forced the majority of the residents of that small town to evacuate and the domestic terrorism bombing at the Boston Marathon and the ensuing manhunt, it really brought home the need for preparedness!

If YOU had to Bug Out, are you prepared? Is your BOB ready to pickup and go? Enough money to stay at a motel for a couple of days? How about gas on-hand to get you where you want to go—or further if your entire town has to leave?

With the manhunt around Boston and the orders to Shelter in Place and secure your home from potential intruders, would you be prepared? Do you have locks on your doors that are secure? A way to lock your garage to secure it from intruders? Enough food and water to take you at least three days—and some comfort food? A way to protect yourself if someone did get in?

And then there are the “what ifs…” Would you be prepared if the government decided it needed to shut down all cell phone and internet service? Electricity? Natural gas lines if there was potential for sabotage? Water lines if there was a potential sabotage of the water supply? Shutting down any one of these services would be a disruption. What if ALL got shut down? Are you prepared?

With these thoughts in mind, I was looking at my preps this week. Hmmm, things have been tight lately and I have borrowed some cash from my BOB. Yup, have to replace that. I need some hard candy on hand in a chocolate flavor because, yes, I do eat for comfort. LOL  I feel okay about home security and defense. But I have an exterior garage, barn and outbuildings that some one could easily hide in. If SWAT did one of those “flash and bangs” in my barn, with the hay inside, up she goes! You would think they would be smarter than that, but who knows? And who pays for that kind of damage anyways? So, my preps this week were playing through scenarios and checking my supplies and preparedness plans for holes—A Good Thing.

A pretty scary week! And we had yet more SNOW! I am so tired of winter!



Preview of the week to come…



Okay Patriots, how did you react to the events of the week and what did YOU do this week to prep?


A bit twisted smile for you…

 stabbed snowmansnowman on fire cropped

In God We Trust

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