What did I do to prep this week?

High Blood Pressure

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin


What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin


Hey everybody, I’m still here! Another harrowing week on the health front… Blood pressure going screwy, ya know. Anybody else go a little crazy when their blood pressure goes up?

I first noticed this in my Mother when I was at her house one day and she started getting scared for no reason and in general not being “right” in the head—lots of insecurities, etc. Let’s just say, not normal for Mom. My sister stopped by, listened to her for about 60 seconds and asked if she had checked her blood pressure. They did. It was very high. And off to the ER they went.

Well, that incident has laid on my mind for some years. I suppose because of all the kids (I’m the first of six.) that I am probably the most like Mom. Hmmm what if the crazies I have experienced through the years have been blood pressure related? No way to know for sure because I never bothered to take my blood pressure (no machine), but in the last few years I have been required to get a machine and do check it.

Amazing… When my blood pressure gets high, say 185/120 I start to act irrational—insecure, scared, etc. for no apparent reason. Fear based in a physical chemistry change that without modern machinery I would never be aware of. But the doctors (Yes, read plural now.) are more concerned about the heaviness in my chest than my blood pressure—more tests…

The reason that I am relating this is that there is an aspect of preparedness to it. I have warned close friends and family, and yes, even Rourke, that if I start to “go crazy” just ask me to check my blood pressure. That simple. It immediately calms me down and gives me something to do to solve the problem. Or at least recognize that “the crazies” might be physical and not mental! LOL Not rulin’ out the mental now… LOL

So, my week was involved with doctors and tests and nitro added to my list of “concealed carry”. LOL I’m thinkin’ that is being prepared… Oh, and in hopes that our record below zero temperatures do cease and desist and spring does come to the North Country, I picked up 8 packets of heirloom seeds to start for my garden! Now that is hope, when we are covered in a foot and a half of snow and waking up to subzero temperatures!


Preview of the week to come…

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Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…

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