What did I do to prep this week?

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin


What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor


I have found Harriet’s Stories of Survival this week to not only be inspirational, but food for thought. I think it is the stories of people working together to get through loss, fear and deprivation; not alone, but in a community. Which got me to thinking about our Mission Statement:

A web-based community focused on a self-reliant, preparedness lifestyle. SCP is a site devoted to the older prepper that believes in prudent, practical preparedness. Self-reliance, frugal living, and faith are the cornerstones of this site. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of knowledge among our subscribers in order to build a sense of community.”

This is not a site for the lone wolf survivalist whose only concern is themselves. And your stories are supporting that if we are to survive and thrive, it will be together; whether in a small group or a larger community either physically or online. Together, sharing knowledge and faith, we are all stronger, a bit more confident in our skills and abilities, and perhaps even happier. I know that I am happier and more energized than I have been in years serving YOU!

Reading your emails, helping you edit your work into what you want it to say, encouraging you, sharing forwards (LOL!), email hugs, and just plain supporting one another has been a huge privilege for me!

What has always disturbed me about so many prepping sites is the lack of community sensibility. The kill or be killed; eat or not eat; it’s all about me thinking. What I am hearing here is caring about our loved ones, children, grandchildren, neighbors, church members, community—maybe not everyone, and that is prudent—but we care! And we prepare for that reason!

None of us are professional writers here. What we are sharing is from our experience, strengths and hope for the future—YES HOPE! And that is what I am hearing in the stories, tips, and articles we post here! It is not doom and gloom and poor us; rather the subdued heroism of living life one day at a time with an eye to the future—Again Hope. Stories help us learn, they help us cope, and they give us hope! Do YOU have a story to share?

What did I do to prep this week? I edited articles and stories, wrote a couple of articles that I hope will be of help to you, and added to my storage foods pantry!

Preview of the week to come…

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  • Outhouse Turned Chicken Coop
  • $600 Solar Electric System
  • Feed a Family of Four for One Year -less than $300
  • Dead Men Walking
  • YouTube Video Tip
  • Top 10 Preparedness Items You Own Right Now – and don’t even know it
  • Another FREE Download


Okay Preppers, what did YOU do this week to prepare?


A smile for you…

Feeling Good



In God We Trust”


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