What did I do to prep this week?

Great Articles, More Bullets and Medical Backpack Fine Tuning.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin


What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor



Wow, did we have some Great articles this week! If you didn’t catch MsKYprepper’s “One Week Food Bucket” and all the comments afterward, check it out! Lots of great information there! The Chronicles of Harold on Tuesday was another fascinating read! And you will love what he has coming up! And “Prepper Terminology” by Servantheart opened my eyes to a few combinations I did not know about. Lots of good, solid preparedness information! And a new downloadable book called: How to Handle a Crisis. Our Editors-At-Large are working for YOU!

It was another snowy and cold week in MinnesOta! And across much of the Nation, I see. So my preparedness activities took me to organizing mostly. If you can’t find it, how much good does it do you? And I have to admit that my organizing skills aren’t what they should be. And I keep on getting better ideas on how I do things as I read the articles here on SCP and MSO!

I did buy another box of 9 mm bullets. Steady but sure, I am building a reserve. I added a new prepping book to my library as well, “When Disaster Strikes” by Matthew Stein. I believe the book review was posted last week or the week before and I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived from Amazon. To buy the book – click HERE.  While organizing my medical backpack, I decided to split commonly used items into various colored pencil bags that I got at the dollar store, for a $1 each, labeled them with permanent marker, and hung them off a ring on the backpack for easy access. (Great idea!!….Rourke)  The medical backpack also works as my “medicine cabinet” on the go! On the go, meaning it works for the critters too. Barn emergency? Grab and go! Grandkid bleeding and screaming outside? Grab and go! Down with a cold and too sick to want to rifle through the pack? Grab the pencil pack for coughs and colds! I have also been collecting my dryer link, used egg cartons, and almost used up candles to create some fire starters; that should be a fun snow day activity with the Grandkids!

So that was my week prepping! And we have more fantastic articles coming this week…

Preview of the week to come…

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  • Recommended preparedness website
  • Preparedness poll….have a question for you
  • New downloadable preparedness file
  • 10 Things to Do This Year to Start Prepping
  • Gut Feelings…….
  • Amazing……..Miniatur Wunderland video
  • The Forgotten War…..
  • and more……
  • PLUS… SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com’s first Giveaway!!

Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…



In God We Trust

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