What did I do to prep this week?

Bullets, Backup Jobs and Parkas.


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin


What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor


Yes, it was cold enough this week! The barn cats have been in the house most of the week given the -35 wind chills and highs below zero. On a positive note, it was so cold I could do chores in my muffys–Muffys are house slippers with a warm lining and rubber soles. Below zero everything is frozen so hard that there is no fear of stepping in something not frozen.

Well, it was support your local gun dealer this last weekend, so I went down to Minnesota Joe’s and bought 50 American Eagle .38 bullets. I felt it was my patriotic duty.

On Monday, I received my Substitute Teachers license via email. How does that relate to prepping? A. It will provide a bit of extra income for preps, and B. It is my backup plan for economic collapse. When economies collapse in industrial countries, there is still school.  And they will still need substitute teachers.

And my new Parka came in from The Sportsman’s Guide. It is a very nice quality Parka, lots of pockets, and oh so warm! And on sale for $39.99, item number B3X-224149 if you are curious what turns a Minnesotan on! LOL Seriously, I’ve been buying from thesportsmansguide.com for decades and they have great deals from ammo to kitchen appliances to bedding. They also are a sponsor of SCP.

By the way, have you looked up in the Discounts tab at the top of the page lately? Dealsonlywebstore has lots of preparedness items and has offered our readers a discount code that gives YOU 8% off your purchase! I love good deals! And if YOU come across any good deals, let us know at scprepper (at) outlook.com! We try to work a week ahead, so Rourke has time to input things, but good deals are always welcome!

And what GREAT ARTICLES we had this week from our Editors-At-Large! SUPER JOB, Guys and Gals! And Suni is now providing us with important news links! The ones about China and Iran are “must reads” in my opinion. All the more reason to keep prepping! And this next week has more Fantastic Articles to come!

Preview of the week to come…

  • The Chronicles of Harold – good stuff
  • Using an e-reader to store survival information
  • Prepper List Part 2
  • News you need to know
  • A few random thoughts from Rourke
  • …..more downloads 
  • and more!


Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…

Big Smile

The Ten Commandments

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