What did I do to prep this week?

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin



What did I do to prep this week?

By Bev Sandlin


I would like to start this week off by THANKING both Servantheart and Johnsobo 100 for joining our team of Editors-At-Large! They bring so much knowledge and enthusiasm to this team!

Well, my week was taken up with computer problems! By Tuesday I was finally consistently back online thanks to John from Iowa! And on Wednesday they finally finished working on my good computer and I got that back. Upgraded to 16 megs of high speed gaming ram in a laptop! However, it only goes as fast as I go.  J

This week I also started my Master Gardener online training through Moodle. Hmmm, I’m not doing so well figuring out Moodle! But I did score 100% on my pretest!

And I finished getting the last bits of paperwork together to submit for my Substitute Teacher licensing. A few days a month of that and I should be able to increase our food preps and other things.

I did try my Foodsaver  on a Mylar potato chip bag, it does seal! And here is a comment from WE2 who says:

“Wifey here…I re-use mylar chip bags all the time. I pop corn, let it cool & put it in a big potato chip bag. I use medium sized bags (chips, pretzels etc.) to put small amounts of uncooked rice (portion control) with an oxygen absorber & reseal in my food saver. Hubby calls me his dehydrating queen! I even re-use some for bars of soap, tape, bandaids (so they don’t lose their adhesiveness), gauze, lots of things I want to keep dry etc. You’ll love your food-saver…be sure to get your canister lids (both gal & qt.) and your canister (all 3). I re-use all kinds of jars. On the canisters, I put the food I want to keep fresh…like opened salsa…put the lid back on it (yes…the little seal around the top of lid will re-seal) slip it into one of the canisters that it will fit into, plug in the vacuum hose, and push “canister”. Wahlah…my salsa, olives, ??? is re-sealed and it doesn’t go bad!” THANK YOU, WE2!

I saw a YouTube video on a guy sealing up his bullets in Foodsaver bags! Hey Guys and Gals, got anymore tips to share on creative ways to use your Foodsavers?

Also, we are adding Tips section, so if you have hints, tips and tricks on prepping that you would like to share, just send them to scprepper at outlook.com!

On that note, we are also adding a “Great Sales” feature (Thanks to MsKYprepper!), but we need at least a few days to post these! So, if you know of a good sale coming up at a national chain store, or online, let us know! If it is a flash sale that needs to go up right of way, please post it as a “GREAT SALE” in the comments section of that day’s post and we will all stay tuned to the comments! Again, send your great sales tips to scprepper at outlook.com And you are ALL welcome to submit articles there as well! SHARE!

Preview of the week to come…

Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prep?


A smile for you…

Ha Ha

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