What Did I Do This Week To Prepare?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure! Unknown


By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

This week I felt much better and just “let go and let God”. I focused on what I can do to prepare. Too much of my preparedness is the day to day hard times that we all experience.

And this week it is my truck unexpectedly breaking down and needing repair. I’m already check to check and on ReadyReserve and we are eating into my preparedness supplies. But heck, it is another challenge, right? Thank the Lord I have reserve cash in my B.O.B.! The mechanic may get his money in $1s and $5s, but he will get it. LOL   :-D

So what did I do to prepare this week? A lot of gardening both here and at my Mother’s. I froze lots of raspberries in the FoodSaver by first putting them in sealed baggies, punching a pin hole in the bag so that the air would suck out, but not the juice, and them sealing them in FoodSaver bags. Same with the last of the rhubarb. And I LOVE servantheart’s rhubarb and strawberry pie recipe she shared this week in the comments! Yummmm

Andy Millen's New Twig Arbor

Andy Millen’s New Twig Arbor


I also did some reorganizing of our supplies. As we are using them, I am keeping track of what we need to restock, hopefully before winter! AND because I keep the extra ammo in army ammo boxes in the basement, I decided to seal a 1,000 rounds of .22s in the FoodSaver bags as well, to protect against the damages of humidity. Saw it on a YouTube preparedness video and sounded good to me!

On the way back from gardening at my Mom’s, I saw that our friend Andy Millen was building a new twig arbor in his back yard, you remember Andy, don’t you? Inspiration for a Bug Out Location. I stopped and chatted with him a bit. He is building it for his sister. I thought you may like to see it, so I took a picture. He plans on staining/sealing it with an Australian oil he swears by. Beautiful isn’t it!

And, because I am having to sell my horses, I gave away my Forecart that converts double and single, and has skiis for winter sledding to another friend that we did a six part series of off grid articles on.

And I think that we have a wonderful surprise coming up for you in the next week. But more on that from Rourke when he is ready!

Okay Patriots, what did YOU do this week to prepare?


A little video on how to make twig furniture; you never know when you may need to live as simply

as possible and do as much for yourself as possible, including making your own seating.



In God We Trust

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