Well, I screwed up……..

Some of you may be aware and some of you may not that another website accused one of our posts here at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com of plagiarizing their post.  Reviewing the article on the other site and comparing to the article on SCP – I made a serious mistake and ASSUMED they were correct. As not just the owner but the leader of this site I failed in my responsibilities and jumped to conclusions. I did not even bother to ask the writer what was going on. She was convicted without even a question as to how she would plead.


Well – the writer sent me an email and explained the source of the article. I am not going to get into all the details because at this point it really doesn’t matter. I believe her to be 100% innocent as she provided a rational, reasonable explanation – however the damage has already been done and I am deeply sorry.


Understandably the writer has decided not to be connected to SeasonedCitizenPrepper any more. I feel terrible as this was totally preventable and will have a negative impact on SCP. I fear that our current Editor-at-Large writers may be feeling a bit uneasy due to what happened. Believe me – I have learned a lesson. I value all of the contributors here immensely and will not make the same mistake twice.


Trying to run this site – as well as others, and pull down a full time job, deal with the wife and kids, workout, and PREPARE…..its been tough. No excuses – just facts. Next week I am taking a break from all of my sites and will be doing some soul searching on a lot of things – including the direction I need to take SCP.


I value each and every contributor and reader that use there valuable time and spend it here.

Thank you – 



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