United States of Decline

how_america_will_collapse_by_2025I am actually writing this Thursday night and getting ready to head into work for an all-nighter – so this will be short. Listing to the news on XM radio and reading a bit on the Internet has been troubling lately. Controversy surrounds and is engulfing this country and its government. What would Washington, Kennedy, and Reagan think?

Between massive armament build ups WITHIN the United States (that no one is hearing about), the IRS, Benghazi, recent Supreme Court rulings, continued massive debt pile up, government surveillance over ALL of us, and dozens of other pathetic actions that are unconstitutional. 

I live in a small city in a small suburban subdivision surrounded by sheeple who have no clue what is going on – or just choose to ignore it. I dream of being able to live WAY out in the country and live more self-reliant and independent – to try to shield myself and family from the effects.

Time to make a plan and get it done.


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