Twas the Night Before Something – A Christmas Poem

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By GrammaMary,



Twas the night before something when all through the land

The problem sat waiting to play out its hand.


The wood was stacked by the chimney with care

In hopes that we’d done everything to prepare.

The wheat and the beans, no longer an issue,

Plenty of Bounty and soft toilet tissue.


The family had gathered downstairs in the den

And just settled in to watch CNN.

When out in the street there arose such a shout

I jumped from the couch to go check it all out.


The street lights were shining on the crowd in the street.

They knew they’d be hungry with nothing to eat.

How foolish they were to ignore all the warning.

What would it be like the following morning?


I sat back down with the book that gives Life

And wondered how to avoid all the strife.

When suddenly outside the wind blew a roar.

It knocked me over and opened the door.


There at the door stood Jesus my friend.

He said, dear fellow, this isn’t the end.


Go cook up some beans and grind up some wheat

And give those people something to eat.

So we busied ourselves and cooked through the night.

There was plenty of food at dawn’s early light.


The pantry stayed full, the people got fed.

No fear came down, but the Glory instead.

No matter what happens in soon coming days.

We all be OK knowing God and His ways.


Happy tomorrow to all and to all His bright light.


This poem  was  written December 10, 1999 just before Y2K.  I had been part of a Joseph Project group, looking to learn and prepare for ourselves and to share as led.  I sat down one evening and the words just flowed onto the paper.

I realized a few years ago when looking back at the poem and at our world situation, the “bug” did not happen but many things, political, economic, weather, are increasingly problematic. I changed the word “bug” to “something”, and we have lots of “somethings” to fill in the blank and the message still flows.   The words of this poem and the meaning are not intended as absolute gospel interpretation or as a recommendation of a one size fits all  scenario….. but I believe with all my heart that at certain times in certain places we are here for such a time as this.  I hope you enjoy.

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