Top 5 Vegetables to Plant this Spring

Top 5 Vegetables to Plant this Spring

By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large




1)   Radishes – First crop to germinate, grows crazy-fast, eat the young sprouts, eat the radishes, leave some in the ground to generate a T. Rex-size amount of green compostable material by Fall.

2)    Parsley – Healthful, delicious – don’t pull it out in the Fall – it’s a biennial. Tastes BETTER 2nd year and will self seed, it you let it. Ed. Note, I believe Wyzyrd is zone 5 or 6.

3)    Upland Cress – This stuff tastes wonderful, and appears to grow on any soil better than concrete.

4)    Onions/garlic/chives – You can never have too many onions.

5)    Kale – Healthful as all get-out. Plant early, plant more in late summer for late Fall crop.


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