Top 5 Vegetables to Plant this Spring – Rourke’s version

Had to throw my own 2 cents worth in which in the totem pole of life is probably just below whale crap……

Here are my Top 5 Vegetables to Plant this Spring.


Lettuce – love Black Seeded Simpson. Years ago I figured lettuce would be hard to grow but have since found it is very easy. Lettuce will grow in a large garden, a raised bed, or even a flower pot.

Cucumber – These things crawl all over he place but produce pounds and pounds of tasty treats. Boston Pickling and National Pickling are my favorites.

Zuchinni – I have found zuchinni’s to be one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Over the past 9 years no matter how the rest of my garden is doing – I have plenty of zukes!

Summer Squash (crookneck) – Another plentiful vegetable – Summer Squash can produce pounds and pounds of nutritious sustenance. The more you pick – the more you get.

Okra – One of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten – but someone likes these things. I planted my first crop of these last year literally had okra TREE’s providing so much okra we were begging people to take ’em. Pick when small and the plants will continue to produce and produce.


What? No tomato’s on either list? Well, I don’t know about Wyzyrd, but I hate tomato’s and have not had a whole lot of luck growing them.

By the way – I live in the Southeast – Zone 7b.


Rourke’s garden a couple years ago.



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