Top 5 “Just In Case” Items to Have In Your Car

Top 5 “Just In Case” Items to Have In Your Car

 By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large


1)    A whole roll of TP, sealed up inside an empty metal coffee can

2) A six-pack of bottled water (or more). Open and pour a little off, in case the bottles freeze.

3) A small propane or butane stove (butane is safer in enclosed places, but ventilate anyway)

4) A small, cheap wok, with a handle. Why mess with trying to heat water, cook etc. in a coffee can or canteen cup- just carry the ultimate multi-tasker. Billions of people have used this tool for over a thousand years. It just works for dang near anything you may want to do on a fire, and even a decent half-a**ed snow shovel to get your wheels loose.

5) A package of your favorite flavor “sugared gelatine dessert powder” (esp. in winter). A hot drink, a huge (but not very long lasting) energy booster.


#6) A kid-size snow shovel and a 2ft D-Handle garden spade. Not a whole lot bigger than an e-tool, but work MUCH better, when you really need them.

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