Top 20 Preparedness Items You Own Right Now (and don’t even know it)

Top 20 Preparedness Items You Own Right Now (and don’t even know it)

 By Bev, Executive Editor



1) A jack knife and a pair of pliers and you can fix, cobble, etc. most anything!
2) Pots and Pans! Handy for oh so much!
3) Solar landscape lighting! Bring them in for a much safer night time

lighting than candles! Their batteries work in other things too! And they can recharge rechargeable batteries!
4) Kitchen knives! You have a whole rack of tools there to cut, scrape and chop with!
5) Garbage bags! Again so handy for anything from keeping warm and dry, to personal sanitation, to creating shelter and ropes!
6) Aluminum foil! Handy for so much, ex. Cooking in, candle holders, reflect heat in and keep heat out!
7) Heavy duty extension cords! They work to bring electric in if only you are the one without power and also as rope!
8) Electric fence wire! That stuff practically holds my place together anyway!
9) A chainsaw! No gun and you have intruders? Start the chainsaw!

They won’t stay and you don’t have to be accurate!
10) Your dog! Both an alarm and protection, even if it is an ankle biter!


11) Duck Tape! What can’t you do with it!


12) Whiskey/Alcohol! Sterilize a wound or tend to the pain!

13) Car Radio! Emergency news at your fingertips!


14) Deck of Cards! Yup, no electric, no lights, no sound, and those cards become mighty appealing!


15) Aloe Vera Plant! Burn treatment!


16) Anything in your freezer can be used as a cold pack if needed!


17) Shower curtain! That is a large hunk of plastic to fix the roof, keep you dry, catch water in or line the bathtub and drain the rest of the water out of your system!


18) Tarps, plastic sheeting, etc. Tack them to the walls and ceiling to create one warm/isolation room!


19) Hammer! Way better than a rock for almost anything you want to pound on including an unwelcome guest!


20) Grill lighter! It makes fire!

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