Top 20 Items to Have In a 72 Hour In-Home Survival Kit

Top 20 Items to Have In a 72 Hour In-Home Survival Kit

By Bev, Executive Editor


I have an inexpensive box that I keep ready as my 3 Day Survival Kit. I keep 2 gallons of water per person beside it, for us that is 12 gallons.

1) Water and/or an individual water filter like a LifeStraw—we have a creek that borders the property.


2) Two flashlights, with batteries beside them (no potential for corrosion and there for failure when needed). One headlamp for chores—my job.


3) Waterproof matches and lighters.


4) Four good quality Mylar emergency blankets that I purchased from Go to our discount tab and you can get 8% off! These are tough and reusable! You can sleep in your own bed with one on top and one on the bottom. Two will keep Bob, 6’5” tall, warm.


5) Single serving bags of coffee, tea, propel zero and mio to add to water.


6) Three days of canned food, so I don’t have to cook, just warm up and serve—even if warming is with a candle, grill, or on our Deadwood Stoves!


7) A good quality manual can opener.


8) Paper plates, cups and utensils.


9) Garbage bags for personal sanitation and more!


10) Baby Wipes for personal sanitation and cleanliness.


11) A bottle of hand sanitizer.


12) Two rolls of TP.


13) A roll of paper towels.


14) A roll of heavy duty aluminum foil, mostly for cooking.


15) Candles, for light and heat, and because they are always handy!


16) Hard peppermint candy and hard chocolate candies.


17) Two deck of cards!


18) Two emergency radios, because one just never seems to work! #3 is the car radio!


19) A SURVIVAL WHISTLE!!! Need to signal anyone? Low tech; high impact!


20) Pepper spray! Yes! Inexpensive, simple and effective!

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