To Flu Vaccine or Not

by servantheart, Editor At Large

It is no secret to anyone who knows me I am anti-vaccine. It has not always been so, but, the more  I learn, the more opposed to vaccines I become.  I know there are fine folk here with other opinions and that is an individual choice, of course. I have asked Bev and Rourke to run this, as I am greatly concerned about all the t.v. commercials being shoved down our throats telling us we need to go get a flu vaccine. I am in the “high risk” category, and will never get another. I have had flu one time in 12 years, and that was shortly after getting the only flu vaccine I’ve taken in that 12 years.

Please do your homework, and decide for yourself. But also, please, do not run right out and get a flu shot – at least not until you’ve done your homework.

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