To Bug Out or Not to Bug Out; That is the Question!

To Bug Out or Not To Bug Out;

That is the Question!


“The Coach”


That is a question many people these days are having a problem with. If there is forecasted to be a disaster in your area, do you leave your home and go evacuate to somewhere else hoping that you will be safer there? Do you stay where you are because you believe you are prepared enough to handle any disaster that comes your way?

You believe you have purchased enough water, food, medical supplies, medicine and firearms to survive many different disasters. You also realize that you are not as young as you use to be.

Another factor is, you have worked all of your life to build your home the way you want it. You have accumulated many personal possessions that both have monetary value and sentimental value.

Do you pack up a few necessities in your vehicle and leave all of your belongings and disaster preparation in your home? Do you leave your home praying that looters do not break into your home and take what you have worked all of your life for, including all of your survival equipment and food?

Another question is, can you leave? Are you sick or have a disability that will not let you leave your home? Would leaving your home cause you enough stress to worsen your medical problems?

If you decide to leave what do you take with you? How much do you take with you? How much room you have in your vehicle, could decide that for you! You have worked so hard to prepare for disasters and now you are leaving it all behind!

If you do decide to evacuate, the one thing that I highly recommend that you take is ALL of your family photographs. They are very hard to replace!

However, do you stay in your home praying that your home will withstand whatever disaster is coming your way? Is staying in your home with all of your disaster preparations worth your life?

What if you decide to stay in your home and a group of looters break into your home. How many looters can you defend against, from how many different entrances in your home, before you become overwhelmed? Remember, you can NOT expect quick reaction from the police, fire or ambulance personnel in your area. You are in the middle of a disaster and they have their hands full responding to all kind of request for assistance. You will be placed on a list and the authorities will respond to your request for emergency assistance when your turn comes up. This is assuming that you still have a way to contact the emergency authorities, A.K.A. 911. The phones may be out!

Do you know the laws relating to when you can and cannot use deadly force? Are you willing to use deadly force if you have to?

If you decide to stay and you start to run low on your medicine, food, water, needed medical supplies, gasoline, etc., will you be able to get them or are the businesses in your area closed because they listened to the authorities and evacuated?

If all of your utilities go out, you will not have air-conditioning/heating, running water, electricity, phone service or sewage. Think about it! You will not be able to cook anything. Everything in your refrigerator/freezer will go bad. You will not be able to go to the bathroom or take a shower. You will be either very hot or cold, depending on the time of the year. You will not be able to call for emergency assistance because the phones are out. Also, no one will be able to call and check on you to determine if you are okay.

If you decide to evacuate, where will you go? How long will you need to stay there? Will you be welcomed when you get there and for how long or will you be a burden? Do you have the financial resources to evacuate?

So, what do you do, evacuate or stay put? I cannot answer that question for you. You should have a family meeting NOW before a disaster strikes. Discuss all of the above options and situations, then decide when the time arrives if you Bug Out or Bug In!

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