Tips from Wyzyrd – Edible Daylilies & Baking Soda

Tips from Wyzyrd!



I love daylilies :)  had the whole back side of my fence planted with them at the old place, as the Master Gardener agent got hold of a free truckload :)

You probably already know, but the buds and flowers are edible and tasty, if a bit bland.  Great stirfried w/ onions, garlic and soy sauce :)  You can buy dried Daylily buds and flowers at Asian markets under the name “Golden Needles” , so you can dry and preserve them if you like :)


Baking Soda on Crusted Pan

I found a discarded cookie sheet with a lot of burned-on brown crap on it on top of the crusty pandumpster today, and trying out an “iron chef Geoffrey Zakarian” tip :) covered it with baking soda, added water, and letting it sit all night. Supposedly, scrubbing it in the morning will clean off most of the crap. 

The silly baking soda experiment seems to be working. :) Every time I go out to the kitchen to make coffee, I scrub that cookie sheet for a minute or so with a plastic-net scrubber – Not a new pristine pan, but A LOT of burned on crud just coming loose w/not much effort :)  Looks better than some of the ‘good’ ones :)

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