Time Change!

daylightsavingstime3It’s that time of year again to set our clocks back an hour and gain an hour of sunshine. Tonight is the time change – 2 am Nov. 3rd.

Because I’m on the forgetful side, I use the 6 month time changes to prompt me to change out my stored water, change the batteries in my smoke detectors, check my fire extinguishers for full charges, be sure that my weather radio has fresh batteries, change out my car bags and B.O.B. to season appropriate clothing, rotate the water and food there also, and check all of my pantry supplies so that my rotation is up to date.

I also use this time to check my generator and make sure that it is in good working order. pull my warm blankets out of storage, rotate my store of backup batteries to the front and purchase fresh ones, and in general get ready for winter emergencies.

How about you? When do you change out your stores and are you prepared for winter emergencies?

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