Thinking positive about life and preparedness……

Many people look at prepper’s in a negative light. They think that buying extra food and supplies and planning what to do if there is an emergency as a total waste of time. Another non-truth for most prepper’s is that we must be depressed all the time thinking of all the bad things that might happen. Obviously I disagree and most likely you do as well.

I do not stress about the future…..I prepare for it. I do not have nightmares at night about nuclear war or terrorism or the economy collapsing. The basic preparations most of us partake in provide me with a sense of calm, reassurance, and sometimes a bit of excitement. Excitement? Yes! I feel excitement when I reach a new goal or acquire a prepper supply that I have been wanting. Of course I do not wish for anything bad to happen however I enjoy preparing for the safety of myself and my family.

Preparedness provides me a positive outlook to the future and I do not see anything wrong with that. As I grow older I could see some people thinking to themselves “Why is he storing up so much food? Hell, he might kick the bucket any day.” You know what? It’s my life and it’s your life to live – do what you want and what makes you happy.

Well, that my two cents.

Take care all –


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