The Water Honcho & Pop Bottle Pastuerization

I want you to see this little innovative design because who doesn’t love to play with PVC pipe! Almost $400 to buy it.

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Extract PURE & HEALTHY Drinking Water from ANY Water Source

The WATER HONCHO – A portable solar powered desalination and water filtering unit that uses no electricity, requires no generators, and can be taken anywhere, AND extracts pure, safe, drinking water from seawater / saltwater or any contaminated water source.

The Water Honcho portable solar desalination systems and portable solar water filter systems are used by: Campers, Disaster Relief, Remote Areas Residents and Vacationers, SAR, Military, Boaters and many other users…

Assembles in minutes! No complicated maintenance!

Our Solar Powered Desalination and Water Filtering System Removes:

  • Radiation
  • Fluoride
  • Salt
  • Pesticides, arsenic, chlorine and other chemicals
  • Bacteria
  • Dirt and other contaminants from any water source


Be prepared for disasters, save hundreds of dollars on bottled water and utility bills.



1. Remove from bag
2. Shake out panel
3. Insert poles
4. Attach corners
5. Pour in contaminated water
6. Connect your own bottle
Drink clean tasty, healthy water
VERY portable! – Just 4 lbs.

The Water Honcho Features:

  1. Produces up to 4 to 6 liters of fresh healthy water per day in full sunlight. Enough drinking water for a small family and all our units are BPA-free and made in the U.S.A. Saves lives after hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other disasters.
  2. Brings you the first ultra-portable personal solar desalination and water filter system. The Water Honcho is not just a water filter but a personal desalination system. It distills pure fresh water from any source (one pure H2O molecule at a time);
    1. Just pour in well water, ocean water, lake or stream water, contaminated water of any kind (saltwater, floodwater, radiated water, even polluted ground water).
    2. Then let the Water Honcho, sunlight and gravity do the rest.
  3. No electricity, no batteries, no filters, no chemicals, no complicated maintenance.
  4. The water produced by the Water Honcho is up to ten times more pure than regular tap water and up to 700 times more pure than contaminated ground water. Use over and over with no filters to clog and nothing that requires constant maintenance or replacement.
  5. It is made of UV-stabilized, FDA-compliant, food-grade plastic to give you years of trouble-free use (they will last 4 to 6 years in direct sunlight).
  6. It connects to a standard 2 or 3 liter bottle.
  7. Setup is simple, just insert poles, add a few buckets of contaminated water and close the zipper. Every few weeks, you clean by squeezing the contaminated left over residue from the pad.

The Water Honcho Specifications:

Produces up to 4 to 6 liters per sunny day of safe, fresh drinking water Dimensions when in use: 2.5 ft x 3 ft. Weight empty: 4 lbs

Great little video on pastuerizing water with the sun in common pop bottles, etc.

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