The Versatile Bicycle – An Important Prep

By Beverly Sandlin

The right bicycle can mean fun and exercise now given all the bike trails that are out there and being built, but can also be one of your most valuable preparedness items. It took a hundred years, but the bicycle finally did replace the horse for the majority of people. It is one of the most popular recreational “vehicles”, takes up very little space, is easy to transport with a bicycle carrier and doesn’t need fuel and doesn’t need to be fed!

Why would a bicycle be important if you want to save money, the grid went down or you want to bug out without a vehicle?

Money Savingbicycle packs more yet

Your bicycle can take you to your job on a nice day and up to the market with no gas spent using just your own muscles for power. Put some pack bags on it and you can carry a lot of groceries or other items. And you are exercising too!

You can power a small TV, computer, recharge batteries or your cellphone and get exercise too!

Grid Down

For whatever reason, if the grid goes down you still have transportation that takes absolutely no fuel. It is easily repaired, stored, hidden and practically silent! I hate meeting bikes on the trail with horses as almost invariably the horses spook when encountering bikes.

Fit it with packs and you can haul a lot.

bicycle cross country packs


Add a cart and you can haul water, produce, and even animals.

bicycle cart dog

bicycle care plans

bicycle cart


Bugging Out

The right bicycle can pretty much go anywhere off-road that a horse can. You can pack it and you can even pull a cart with it. On the road you can easily go 40 mph with the geared bikes and travel all day if you are in shape and with a cart or packed you can weave in and out of stopped traffic easily. You can even make it into a camper!

bicycle cart tent

bicycle packs

bicycle packs more

bicycle cart wood

And you can customize your bike fairly easily and cheaply. Add a windshield or surry top. I have even seen rifle mounts on mountain bikes used for hunting.

bicycle recumbent cross country

bicycle 3 wheel surrey

The Right Bike for You

They come with 3 wheels:

bicycle 3 wheel with cart

And they even come where you can lay back comfortably, pedal and enjoy the scenery!

bicycle recumbent

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