The Survival Binder

binder cover

I lost my survival binder when my home burned several years ago. So now I am starting anew.

The survival binder will be in my B.O.B. and contains the necessary information I need in case of an emergency. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, so I suggest you go to and look at what Damian has for emergency preparedness downloads. And John from Iowa shared this link on for a pdf on a Preparedness Review, that includes valuable information on a survival binder along with many other things – Thanks John!

Some things that I will be putting in my binder are:

Emergency contacts

Current medications list

Banking information

A copy of my driver’s license, etc.

A copy of the declarations sheet for my insurance policies

All very basic stuff. I have my binder divided into sections with inexpensive tabbed dividers that I can individualize at will. Some have pockets so that I can tuck in recipes I find, etc. And I have a pencil pouch where I can store thumbdrives of my important computer backups of pictures, etc. All of this basic organization stuff can be picked up in any school supply aisle for less than $10.

binder inside


Because stressful situations like power outages, etc. tend to confuse me and I don’t necessarily think through all of my options, I am going to put in instructions on what to do if… Here are my options on alternative lighting, heat, etc.  Where the shutoffs are for electric, natural gas, water. An organized place where I can collect information I may need in an emergency. And for anyone in my household to know “just in case”.

As I find different articles on emergency preparedness I think could be useful in the future, I can print them and use a 3 hole punch to put them in my binder. And because I have a tendency to find my recipes on the internet, I plan on putting basic survival recipes that would be good for my storage foods into it. With that in mind, tomorrow we are kicking off a series of Survival Soups that you may want to include in your binder.

Gift Giving

Most of us have kids and grandkids that we give to during the holidays. I have always tried to make something special that is very personal for giving. For years I made individualized scrapbook pages for the kids, but eventually ran out of photos when they were younger.

The kids may or may not be interested in preparedness or just plain don’t have the time to think too much about it – raising their own families in a tight economy leaves little time for thinking ahead. This simple binder with printed out sheets that they can fill in, instructions on how to use it, etc. could make a welcome gift that could be invaluable in an emergency situation. Add a thumbdrive and a P-38 and it may just spark a conversation that could save their lives. 




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